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Our Story

At #AMAZNG, we’ve always walked the oblique path in our quest for non-conformity, constantly looking to create and deliver what’s new and refreshingly different.

We at Amazng crave eureka moments, ‘Aha!’ moments that dissolve into a sublime sense of achievement. Our creative intent leans towards making design appear simple. Amazng is a result of years of shaping such moments and refining our craft. With Amazng, we are targeting a niche and discerning audience who, like us, are not easily satisfied with just the ordinary.

Founding Directors, Gary and Shanoo have together travelled a long and exciting journey together, shaping and participating in the Indian design narrative for more than 20 years. They are relentlessly driven by the need to create inspiring design, driving them to constantly scan the market for opportunities to create a dent in the design industry with fresh ideas supported by rigorous design solutions. For many years, Gary has nurtured the idea of an indigenous furniture brand built on sleek, technically engineered design and has filled reams of sketch paper with #AMAZNG evocative design ideas.

At Amazng, Gary leads furniture design while Shanoo is in charge of the strategy, brand conception, development and communication. They are both harsh and unforgiving in their critique of each other’s work leading to them being constantly innovative and rigourously detailed in the designs for Amazng. Gary and Shanoo work with in-house designers and art directors as a design collective and look to create emotional longevity with our products.

We hope that every design we craft at Amazng does more than provide a functional benefit. We want our AMAZNG designs to shape lives and transform relationships.

Our Promise

An experience that delivers a feeling of awesomeness. We want you to feel confident when you order from us as we assure fabulous designs, quality product, timely delivery and dedicated after sales service.

Our Founders


An alumnus of NID, Ahmedabad, Shanoo has a rich and varied experience in design and design management. She has an unerring ability to provide strategic design thinking and management, directing projects that are rare in scale and design opportunity. She has constantly pushed the bar towards the integration of technology in spatial projects with the belief that effective use of technology can transform user experiences.

She has steered benchmark strategic & design projects winning prestigious awards such as the ABPM, Rebrand 100, Designomics, Wolda and the CMO retail award on behalf of her Clients. She is the founder of a multidisciplinary design firm - EuMo, celebrating versatility and offering clients prolific expertise under one roof. She is also actively involved in ADI – Association of Designers of India as Mumbai Chapter President and represented the National Design Committee of ASSOCHAM as Chairperson for two years.

Shanoo believes that design thinking provides a universal platform for problem solving to enhance the quality of lives.


An alumnus of Sherwood College, Nainital and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Gary brings his vast experience in retail and furniture design and is prolific in design detailing for retail and interior solutions.

He has a deep understanding of brands and is able to leverage a brand to make it a valuable spatial experience. His brand understanding coupled with his visualisation capabilities, transforms a brand from a static identity into a surround experience. His enviable skill set is his ability to visualise and rapidly sketch 3-dimensional details which has gained him client favour internationally.

He has been instrumental in the design and execution of our retail and hospitality projects combining new materials and technologies within an evolved aesthetic. His passion is furniture and industrial design and he exults in the details. He is the Co-Founder of EuMo.

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